About us

Doodles Cake is committed to being Nigeria’s top cake shop. We achieve this by creating mind-blowing cakes, cookies, bread, and other confections that are sure to dazzle our customers. Our unique recipes have been passed down for over three generations, ensuring that each product baked has one of the highest qualities. Trust us to make your special event unforgettable with our delicious and unique cakes.


To provide exceptional baked goods to every household in Nigeria, Africa, and the world.


To become the best confectionery company in Africa and beyond, providing a unique experience and service second to none, and having a crumb of Doodles Cakes in every home in the world.

A very passionate and enthusiastic person who does not believe in impossibilities, loves nature and art and very astute at what she does. Above all, a lover of God.

                                                               Oladunsi Bajomo